CoSA - Concerning the Spiritual in Art Part 2 (2018-2020)

CoSA – Concerning the Spiritual in Art (2018-2020) is a 3-year project run by LATERNA //Inger-Reidun Olsen and Marianne Skjeldal, both choreographers and dance artists, now working more towards performance, collaborating trans-disciplinary with other artists. 

By traveling to, and exploring sites with spiritual reference or history, -and staying with the place, we re-create lost rituals and create new artworks.

In dialogue with the place, we include material, objects, sound, movement and actions in relation to each chosen site. ​​

May 2018 the project received funding from the Norwegian Arts Council: 


CoSA (2018-2020) is founded in the artistic work and research that LATERNA made during CoSA 2017, when we visited Athens (GR), Monte Verità (CH), Kvalsund/Hammerfest (NO), St. Petersburg (RU) and made performative work in each place.

CoSA´s aim is still the same: to channel and interpret the spirit of places into our artworks and performances and explore sites with spiritual reference or history (memory) by re-creating lost rituals and creating new artworks.

During 2017, we learned that “spiritual”, to us, is mostly related to our connection to nature, to place, to people. Touching borderlands of dance, choreography, ritual and healing, the artworks are relational, make places accessible and open space for dialogue and transformation.  

CoSA consists of site-specific performances, artist books, workshops, cyclic choreographic practices like Tree Talks, the choreographic growing of sister gardens in two countries (NO/RU), sharing of Anna Halprin´s Planetary Dance Ritual, a festival at Black Box Theatre in Oslo, a collective gathering at Monte Verità (CH), and exhibition at Modaerna Museet in Malmø (SE) and more.

With the CoSA-project, we also draw lines a 100-years back to the artists who were active then, busy with similar topics.

By initiating this project we wish to contextualize the spiritual in art today and draw lines and connections to the spiritual in art about 100 years ago.

The 2010- and onwards has a profound connection to what happened in the world in the 1910s and 20s. With political, economical and technological changes, we as artists see a strong parallel with the past. Art has always, through the history of humanity, been used as a tool to link the unknown and mystical with the everyday.


By writing and publishing the book “Concerning the Spiritual in Art”, which directly link to the book with the same name by Wassily Kandinsky published in 1910, we invite a broad specter of artists and scholars to write alongside with our own reflections. The Kandinsky publication had a profound influence on art through history, however the spiritual in artistic praxis and expression has been quite hidden in the mainstream art world for the last 50 years. With newfound work and international exhibitions by artists, such as Hilma Af Klint, new interest in the spiritual in art is on the rise as many contemporary artists, such as ourselves, are influenced and inspired by their work.

​Our very first CoSA-journey, back in 2017, took us on a research trip to Monte Veritá in Switzerland, followed by our project initiation in Athens during Documenta 14 opening week (April 2017) in collaboration with LOCUS,  The Norwegian Institute at Athens, with performance and book launch. Our next event took place at summer solstice at Áhkánjárstábba / Stalloen, in Kvalsund, Hammerfest, in Norway, in collaboration with Robert Steijn (NL), followed by a performance at The Museum of St. Petersburg Avantgarde, St.Petersburg (RU) and a performance and exhibition during Dansefestival Barents in Hammerfest (NO) in November 2017.

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Stay tuned for coming program for CoSA 2018/2020!!

The project is supported by Arts Council Norway, Fond for lyd og bilde and The Norwegian Institute at Athens. 

Collaborators for 2018-2020:

Black Box Teater, Oslo (NO):

The Norwegian Institute at Athens v/ Professor Jorunn Økland:

Varanger Museum/ Steilneset Memorial

Museum of the St. Petersburg Avantgarde
Anna Halprin and hosting of her Planetary Dance Ritual 
Monte Verità 

Moderna Museet in Malmø, Sweden

Alchemilla´s Apotek

Activites in CoSA 2017:



I.     Fossum, Oslo (NO). February 25th. Research.


II.    Monte Verità, (CH) April 3rd.-5th. Research.


III.   The Norwegian Institute at Athens (GR). April 6th. Performative event, book launch, artist talk. 


IV.   Hill of the Muses, Athens (GR). April 10th. Performance


V.    Áhkánjárstábba, Kvalsund (NO). Performance. June 21st at summer solstice.


VI.   Museum of the St. Petersburg Avantgarde St. Petersburg, (RU). Performance. 8. Oktober


VII.  Re-visiting Áhkánjárstábba, Kvalsund/Hammerfest (NO).  Two performances at DanseFestival Barents November 10th and 11th.